Lawmakers, Parents Outraged by Nurse in Boot Camp Beating Video

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A review of public records shows the nurse in the videotaped beating of Martin Lee Anderson at the Bay County boot camp has been disciplined before.

Anderson’s parents, lawmakers and the public are outraged that nurse Kristin Schmidt stood by as the boy collapsed. Those who’ve seen the videotape are calling for authorities to investigate her conduct too.

Surveillance video appears to show nurse Kristin Schmidt yelling at Martin Lee Anderson just before a deputy’s knee takes the 14-year-old down. She stands off to the side for several minutes as deputies use force on the limp teen, eventually walking away.

Schmidt finally returns and kneels at Martin’s side, pulling out her stethoscope to listen to his heart. Deputies then begin running for help. Several minutes after that, nurse Schmidt is seen walking away again as the unconscious teen is loaded onto a stretcher.

Martin’s father was infuriated after seeing the video Friday.

“And the nurse stood around and do nothing. Nothing. Not a thing. Didn’t call the ambulance or nothin’ ‘til it was too late.”

Schmidt works for the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. A review of her personnel records show she was disciplined in 1993 by the state nursing board and fined $250. The documents don’t say what she did wrong.

After watching the video, state Rep. Curtis Richardson thinks the nurse should lose her license. He’s calling for the state to review her conduct.

“That was just absolutely uncalled for. The outrage even grew when I saw a medical professional standing there, observing this and not providing any assistance.”

Although the deputies involved have been reassigned, Schmidt has not been disciplined by the Sheriff’s Office.

Under Department of Health Board of Nursing guidelines, anyone can make a complaint about a nurse’s conduct. The board even has a toll-free hotline, although they prefer complaints in writing.

Investigations typically take several months to complete.