School Bus Safety

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Two objects cannot occupy the same space, but that's not the case on a school bus route in Jackson County, and sharing the road in parts of Jackson County is a potentially dangerous but common practice.

Horace Mears has been driving the same school bus route on Church Street in Cypress for the last 33 years. He says it's too narrow.

Horace says, "Never had any close calls ‘cause I see it before it gets there. I have to slow down and give the truck some room. “

But Mears is afraid not everyone traveling on this road will be so careful. The county wants its roads to be at least 20 feet wide. Church Street doesn't quite measure up.

"We just got through measuring this road and it's not even 18 feet inside the white lines on the road with a measuring tape. We need more than that because the busses are eight feet plus. The mirrors are over nine and a half feet."

County officials say they are aware of Mears' concerns, but Church Street isn't the only road in Cypress that needs work.

Al Green, Road and Bridge Supt., says, "We widen where we can, where we have the right away to do so and where we have the funds to do so.”

Horace Mears just hopes that the next project is on Church Street before a close call becomes a collision.

Jackson County currently has a priority list to pave dirt roads as the funds become available. No such list exists to widen roads.