ME's Autopsies Drawing Fire

There have been questions about the medical examiner's autopsy results on Martin Lee Anderson.

Last week Dr. Charles Seibert said Anderson died of natural causes because of sickle cell trait.

Now a Calhoun County family claims Seibert signed mistake-filled autopsy reports on two victims of Hurricane Ivan.

Fifty-five-year-old James Madison Terry and his daughter Donna Faye Terry Reed were killed by a tornado spawned by Ivan.

According to Frances Terry, her daughter's autopsy report stated her “prostate gland and testes are unremarkable."

Women do not have those organs.

Terry says Seibert's report on her husband failed to mention major wounds he had.

Siebert's report says Anderson died last month from hemorrhaging caused by sickle cell trait, a usually benign blood condition.

The report has drawn a firestorm of controversy from other medical experts.