Sheriff Boots the Boot Camp

Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen says his office will no longer take part in the Boot Camp program.

In a letter he sent to the Department of Juvenile Justice Tuesday morning, Sheriff McKeithen gave a 90-day notice that the Sheriff's Office will no longer be involved with the camp. The 90-day notice is required by the contract between the county and the state.

He says this decision is being made regardless of the outcome of the ongoing criminal investigation concerning Martin Lee Anderson, who died after his first day at the camp in January.

Sheriff McKeithen also says he will issue a written, prepared statement Wednesday by noon with more details of his plans to pull out of operations at the Department of Juvenile Justice boot camp program on East 11th Street in Panama City.

It is known McKeithen was never happy with the program and has been looking at alternatives, but for now he's getting his department out of the boot camp program.