Chipola Ribbon Cutting

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If you’ve been around Chipola College the last year, chances are you've noticed a lot of construction.

Chipola officials open their campus to show the public and state and local leaders what all that building was about.

The school held a dedication and open house for the new student services and administration building.

The 24,000-square-foot facility is home to a testing center, administrative offices and student enrollment.

Before this facility students had go to several different locations around campus to accomplish their daily tasks.

"Chipola has so much to offer the surrounding area. Not just Marianna, but all of the Counties around us, and it's just wonderful that we have a facility like this for the students coming in to see,” comments State Rep. District 3 Marti Coley.

Chipola administrators actually created the new students services building by renovating one of the campus' original buildings constructed in the 1940's.