Sand Pumping Begins

The long awaited beach renourishment for parts of Walton and Okaloosa Counties is finally underway.

Crews began pumping sand onto the Walton County shoreline about 9 p.m. Sunday night.

Snowbirds watched the Liberty Island dredge pump nearly 4,300 cubic feet of sand onto the beaches of Walton County Tuesday.

Juan Campbell and his family have been vacationing here for the past 12 years and say it's amazing to see such a sight.

"I'm happy to see it. I want to know that the beach is taken care of and I know it's going to be here. I have expectations every year to come down and see a beautiful beach and just see that it's a well maintained place."

Vacationer Bob Lyons feels the same way.

"I think it's fantastic to they got to restore the beaches for the people to come down. No beaches, no people."

Brad Pickle, Walton County TDC Director of Beach Management, has been working for six years to see this day arrive.

"It feels great it's been a lot of hard work lot of coordination with all the agencies and with the people."

The beach renourishment crew is working 24 hour days, adding 250 feet of beach each day. One trip by the barge means another 210 huge dump truck loads of sand on the beach.

The crews will be renourishing the beaches from Tops Hill in south Walton to Henderson Beach State Park in Destin. The project should be completed by late June.