Judge Albritton Case

Embattled Circuit Judge Richard Albritton, facing 36 charges of judicial misconduct, is firing back.

Most of the charges involve Albritton’s actions or comments regarding women and minorities.

Now, his attorney is asking the State Supreme Court to reopen the investigation. He says the Judicial Qualifications Commission conducted a "one sided" and incomplete investigation.

The defense attorney for Judge Albritton says the JQC aimed to help two women who were out to "get" Albritton, Court Administrator Jennifer Wells and DCF attorney Tara Melton.

Albritton claims Wells tried to force Albritton’s assistant, attorney Kara Berlin, to testify against him. He says the JQC investigator then threatened Berlin with a Florida Bar complaint when she refused.

The judge also says the JQC failed to interview another black DCF attorney who worked with Melton in Albritton’s court and disputes all her race and gender bias claims against the judge.

Albritton’s attorneys have filed motions with the Florida Supreme Court asking the court to remand the case back to the JQC for re-investigation.