Spring Breakers Are Here

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They've spent countless hours driving from up north, but now students from Canada and Michigan are here, ready for their week in the Sunshine State, even though the sunshine hasn't been at its brightest.

Tim McDonald, a student from Canada, says, "I came from Ontario, and it's like a snowstorm when I left, so I'm pretty happy about the weather."

Sunny weather or not, these students are enjoying their vacation, and marketers say the numbers are only going to increase from here.

Phillip Colvin, Marketing Director for Paradise Hotels, says, "Trends are showing kids are booking later and later, waiting later and later, so it's picked up a lot lately and we're looking forward to a great spring break."

New methods like podcasting were used this year to reach as many students as possible. The Tourist Development Council says that played a big roll in recruiting spring breakers.

Jana Leach, Director of Marketing in Panama City Beach, says, "You always have to keep up with technology and one of the new elements to the campaign is podcasts promoting PCB. I think that always helps when you can reach students in a different medium."

Last year's spring break pulled in about 300,000 students from across the country. This year is expected to reach, if not, surpass that number.

Some hotels along the beach are sold out, or close to being sold out, but most places still have availability.