Caryville Residents Stealing Cemetery Plots

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Caryville- The plots in the Caryville Cemetery cost $300, unless of course, you stole it.

"You have to pay to be buried out here through the city hall, and they wasn't paying, see? They would come out here and stake-out a plot that hasn't been paid for," Caryvile Council President, Henry Chambers told us.

Town officials said they believe a number of people had slipped through the system, getting free burial plots.Officials could only confirm two people who were actually buried without paying, and they were the victims of a murder-suicide two years ago.

"Really, to tell you the truth, I don't know much about that homicide," Chambers said, "but they say that's what happened. They buried them over here.They didn't have no money or nothing so they went on and buried them. They slipped through the loop somewhere or another"

Recently, the town tried to add the burial fee onto the next of kin's water bill. "You can't do that," Chambers said. "So, all councilmen recommend- voted before anybody be buried, you come through the city hall."

We checked the cemetery records at city hall and couldn't find any evidence of who had paid for a plot and who hadn't.

"I'm going to get the city workers to come in here and see who got plots staked out and then we'll contact them," he said.

As for the future, Chambers said, "I'm going to recommend to the council that we let it go through the funeral home. So, anytime somebody wants to be buried out here, the funeral home needs to come to the city hall after the family comes to them."

During the last city council meeting, one board member publicly threatened to dig up anyone who had been buried without paying. But, Chambers told us he didn't think it would come to that.

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