Vernon High Earns First "A" Letter Grade

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VERNON - A Washington County high school has accomplished something no other school has done. It received an "A" grade from the state.

Morale at Vernon High School is at an all time high after earning it's first ever "A" letter grade.

"We made it to that finish line and consequently are the only "A" ranked school in the district, which is difficult for a high school and especially in a small rural area where our kids are faced with a lot of circumstances that would make it easy to say 'we just can't do it,'" said Brian Riviere, Principal of Vernon High School

The "A" is a huge improvement from last year's "C" grade. Teachers say the good news is confidence booster.

"So when we just got the news that we were an "A", it was so amazing because we've worked so hard, even though the standards keep rising and so we met them this year. Our students and faculty, everybody is just elated. It's great," said Bobbi Pinkston, a teacher at Vernon High School

Administrators attribute part of the success to students, who typically score below average on standardized testing. They made major improvements. Also, teachers catered their lesson plans to every student.

"The easiest way to explain that would be: A devotion to every kid that they can find success and they will learn and we will move them," said Riviere.

"A lot of times with the test scores and things, there's only so much control. We've really focused, as a faculty, on literacy skills throughout content areas and just really working on what does it take to be college ready," said Pinkston.

The other schools in Washington county received either "B" or "C" letter grades.