Breach at Target Stores May Affect 40 Million Cards

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Target says the security breach may have compromised the personal information of 40-million customers, one of the largest retailer breaches in U-S history.

"Wow! It was very shocking because this is one of the main stores that I shop in every Christmas. So I am concerned. I am very concerned," said Cassandra Postell, Target Customer.

Postell calls herself a loyal target customer, but says this could change her mind.

"And I shop with my bank card, my credit card, my debit card. It's concerning," said Postell.

Any shopper who used their credit or debit cards at one of target's 1800 stores between November 27th and December 15th could be compromised.

Thieves got customers' names, card numbers, expiration dates and 3-digit security codes.

Online shoppers were not affected.

"I check my bill with every receipt. If it doesn't match I know I didn't buy it," said Anne Johnson, Target Customer.

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel released a statement saying Target takes the matter seriously and is helping investigators.
Despite the breach, some customers aren't concerned.

"I really don't worry about It. I just feel like it won't happen to me. I guess that's not a good thing," said Johnson.

Customers that see any strange bank activity should call their bank immediately.