California Baby Gets New Heart From Panama City Infant

Parents of a seven-month-old identical twin who got a lifesaving heart transplant in Los Angeles now know the identity of the donor.

It's a four-month-old Panama City boy who suffocated under a pillow in his grandparents' bed.

Nick Draper had the new heart put in Feb. 16. He has a good chance of recovery but his twin brother, Nate, is weakening and needs a new heart.

Nick’s new heart came from Jordan York who suffered a fatal brain injury Feb. 13 in Panama City. Panama City police said there was no foul play in the infant’s death.

Because of organ donation laws, the parents, Russell and Tracey York, were only told that their son's heart was going to a boy in Los Angeles and that his family had received public attention.

After Jordan's heart was harvested, the York’s found stories about Nick and Nate.

Both families say they want to meet.

The twins suffer from dilated cardiomyopathy, a rare disease that limits the heart's ability to pump.