CAP Cadets Participate in Annual Florida Wing Winter Encampment

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PANAMA CITY Some young people are spending their New Year's getting in some hard work by going through some training at Tyndall Air Force Base. It's part of the Civil Air Patrol's annual Florida Wing Winter Encampment.

Most civil Air Patrol Cadents are quite familiar with marching. The Civil Air Patrol program, or CAP is geared toward young adults between the ages of twelve and twenty-one.

Encampment Committer Austyn Granville said, "I think they've got a lot of teamwork and camaraderie meeting people from all over including the state of Florida plus all over other wings or state we call them to come participate. And they get to work with the teamwork; it's absolutely fantastic to see these young people work together."

Many young men and women in the civil air patrol cadet program say they have future plans…to join the military.

This is Sean Andino's 8th encampment. He is a cadet lieutenant colonel, a more senior officer, but not for long.

“My time as a cadet ends in 4 months actually, on my 21st birthday, "Andino said.

Like others, Andino has plans for his future.

"My dream is to go into the Navy be a nuclear submariner and all the leadership lessons I learned from Civil Air Patrol are really helping me and my goal, Andino said.

The cadets participate in a number of activities, including military inspection drills and ceremony, learning leadership skills and discipline.

"There is a lot of training involved and education, aerospace education, leadership study and they have to take tests to promote. So they work their way up,” said Granville.

Andino says he's grateful to be a part of the Civil Air Patrol program.

"This program has done so much for me I know it can do the same for a lot of other kids aspiring to be military officers and leaders in general,” Andino said.

The CAP Winter Encampment began Sunday and wraps up Saturday.