Cold Weather Shelters Open to Homeless

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CRESTVIEW -- Cold weather shelters are common this time of year. Most are run by volunteers. One church has come together to help out some less fortunate people in the community.

On a night like Sunday temperatures are expected to drop substantially. But Life Point Church will have their doors open all night.

Cold Weather Shelter Organizer Ann Sprague said, "After I've retired, I asked god in prayer 'what he wanted me to do?' And the answer was organize cold weather shelters, and that's what I did."

An announcement was made during Sunday morning service. The congregation was invited to help provide food for the homeless.

"It's all free, we believe in reaching out to the community and helping in whatever way we can,” said Sharon Clinkingbeard.

Sharon Clinkingbeard and her husband are ministry leaders at Life Point church. They've been organizing the cold weather shelter at Life Point church for the last four years. Sharon says she tries the best to make each guest feel comfortable.

"You know like we would at home; you just invite somebody over for dinner you know you just lay it all out so that's what we try to do,” Clinkingbeard said.

Each guest is provided a cot with blankets and a pillow, a hot meal and dessert, a hot shower with all toiletries included. Guest even get breakfast in the morning.

Corwin Cherry, homeless, said, "They was here for me put it like that. They was here for me. And they're pretty…they're good people."

"Sometimes we get a thank you and sometimes we don't. But we know it’s worthwhile because we see their faces you know, expression on their faces when their done,” Clinkingbeard said.

Most cold weather shelters are open when the temperatures drop below 40 degrees.

Cold Weather Shelters:
Community of Christ, 398 W. 1st Ave.; behind Whitehurst/Powell Funeral Home, 682-6219

Community of Christ, 398 W. 1st Ave

New Beginnings Church, 412 W. James Lee/Hwy. 90

First Presbyterian Church 492 Ferdon Blvd., N.; Corner of Hwy. 85 & 90

Crestview First United Methodist, 599 8th Avenue