Man Charged with Double Murder Faces Judge Tuesday

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Graceville- Tuesday is the arraignment hearing for a Graceville man charged with second degree murder.

Joseph Gilley (31), allegedly confessed to killing his girlfriend, Alicia Sapp, and father, James Gilley inside their Peanut Road home on Thanksgiving night.

After a five hour man hunt, authorities captured and brought Gilley into custody. Later, an underwater dive team recovered the murder weapons he allegedly used to kill his victims in a nearby pond.

Graceville Police Chief, Elton Horton said, "we haven't had [a murder case] since 1996 and we've been working real hard on it. Staying busy, getting this case prepared for the State Attorney. State attorney's been involved in the case since the beginning. And, we're just trying to get loose ends wrapped up and get everything ready."

According to the State Attorney's office, though Gilley was charged with second degree murder, but that could still change to first degree depending on how the investigation unfolds.

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