24 Hour Manhunt Leads to Arrest

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The search for a Bay County man, who authorities considered dangerous, is finally over.

Members of the u-s marshal's fugitive task force picked up Randall Holley at his Steelfield home Thursday.

The search for a wanted fugitive ended Thursday at his home off Vinson Road in Steelfield in Western Bay County.

Two members of the US Marshal's Fugitive Task Force spotted the 39 year old inside of the mobile home and tried to arrest him.

"We made entry. He immediately got into a fight with our officers and broke through the back window and climbed out the bedroom window," said Marty West, US Marshals Task Force.

Holley dove out of the window, but the officers tased him and arrested in the front yard.

West said, "Two of our Task Force officers were injured during the fight. We've got one that's got cuts to his face and one that's got cuts to his hand."

Paramedics treated officers at the scene.

Holley suffered minor cuts and scrapes.

He was already nursing a gunshot wound he received Wednesday morning, when he reportedly got into fight with his wife in washington county.

A friend of the wife's pulled a 12 gauge shotgun and shot Holley in the backside.

He spent the rest of the day and night avoiding authorities.

That's when the US Marshal's Task Force got involved.

"Especially in a case like this where this guy was listed as armed and dangerous and running around in the woods at night," said West.

This all began when Beach Police allegedly found stolen trailers and other items Tuesday on Holleys' property.

He's facing grand theft charges at the Beach and in Escambia County, aggravated assault in Washington County, battery on a law enforcement officer and four counts of resisting arrest with violence.

Holley's in the bay county jail Thursday.

He's due in court tomorrow for a bond hearing.