Walton County Residents Afraid Construction is Damaging Dune Lakes

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Residents of the South Lake Drive neighborhood say new development is causing major problems for them, as well as some nearby environmentally sensitive areas.

"The lots themselves are in a wetland area, and in order to fill those lots you have to fill the wetlands in and displace a bit of water, and we are concerned some of that water may make its way into the Dune Lakes,” said South Lake Drive resident, Scott Gehl.

Gehl says the clearing work has caused major flooding in his driveway.

"When we get rain for more than a day in a row, it is pooling almost to my driveway,” said Gehl.

County officials say the Department of Environmental Protection has to issue permits to developers working around protected areas like the Dune Lakes.

Residents also claim they were never notified about this project.

They asked Commissioners to set some guidelines and possibly appoint one person to address the public's concerns about future projects like this.

Gehl hopes after Tuesday’s meeting the County can do something to help with the flooding in his driveway.