Anderson at School

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Fourteen-year-old Martin Lee Anderson was sent to the Bay County Boot Camp for violating his probation on grand theft. He'd stolen his grandmother's SUV last June. Some say his death is doubly tragic because he was turning his life around.

When most people heard the name Martin Lee Anderson, it was associated with the death of a troubled teen. Before the boot camp, Anderson attended Emerald Bay Academy from August 2004 to December 2005.

Emerald Bay is an alternative school that helps low performing students get back on track so they can return to their home school prepared for success.

The staff here say Anderson was headed in the right direction.

Joe Bullock, Emerald Academy Principal, says, "Martin's teachers tell me that he was a well liked person. They also tell me that he was a good math student, a good chess player and an all around good person."

Anderson made plenty of friends at Emerald Bay Academy. The news of his death at the boot camp was disappointing.

"We were truly saddened to hear of his death and of course sympathy goes out to the family and friends."

Martin Lee Anderson may have had the label of troubled teen, and violation of probation landed him in a boot camp, but his family and friends say he was well on his way to shedding that image.

Emerald Bay Academy Principal Joe Bullock says Martin Lee Anderson was looking forward to graduating from high school.