Family Holds Vigil on Bridge Where Woman Disappeared

CARYVILLE - More than two week have passed since the disappearance of a Holmes County woman.

Friends and family of 26 year old Cynthia Johnson have not given up hope and are praying for her safe return.

A vigil was held Saturday night.

Loved ones held glow sticks in the air while singing and praying for Johnson's safe return.

She was last seen on the Choctawhatchee River Bridge pacing more than two weeks ago.

Family tell Newschannel 7 that Johnson was throwing glow sticks into the water; watching them go down stream.

They believe she may have slipped and fallen in.

Cindy Burch, Cynthia's mother says, "If she did fall in the water, she's already with Jesus and I'm okay with that. If she didn't fall in the water then we just want her to come home."

For days search and rescue teams patrolled the area, but found nothing.

They searched Sunday as well.

Johnson's aunt Susan Anderson says, "They haven't found her in the water and the way we see it, if they haven't pulled her out of the water there's still a chance she could be walking around."

Now the family is reaching out and hoping someone saw something.

"I hope that we can reach far enough out that if someone knows something, someone's seen something or someone's heard something let the proper person know what's going on. They can check into it and we can find this child wherever she's at and bring her home to all of us," Anderson said.

The family is handing out flyers and praying for god's help.
"We asked of him things that we wouldn't ask of anyone else and we believe in our heart he's able to bring her up out of that water or to bring her down back home to us," Anderson said.

Family says they will hold vigils every Saturday night near the bridge until they find more answers about Cynthia's disappearance.