Whales Seen in Local Waters

Marine biologists are looking for two suspected Humpback Whales which were seen in the Gulf at Panama City Beach Tuesday.

The two, a large one and a smaller one, were seen Tuesday morning in the area around the City Pier, Sharkeys and Emerald Beach condos.

Whale biologist Tom Pitchford says just two days ago a suspected Humpback Whale was sighted at Destin, but two Right Whales were sighted at Galveston a week or two ago and the same pair was seen a few days ago south of Sarasota.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the National Marine Fisheries Service are looking for anyone who may have taken pictures of the whales.

Several rare Right Whales were seen in local waters two years ago, and it is possible these seen Tuesday are right whales, but witnesses described them as Humpbacks.

Either way, if you saw the whales Tuesday and have pictures, either stills or video, biologists would love to talk with you. Call them toll free at 1-888-404-3922