Annex Fight

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Robert bailey is charged with the murder of Panama City Beach Police Sergeant Kevin Knight and Winslett was an inmate at the Bay County Jail and involved with the inmate takeover at the jail in September 2004.

In January inmates began throwing unknown fluids at the corrections officers. Officers ordered shields placed around some inmates' cells.

While installing those shields Tuesday morning, Winslett threw an unknown liquid on the maintenance worker and refused to leave his cell. When officers tried to get Winslett out of the cell, he kicked the shield, splitting the officer’s lip.

Investigators say the same thing happened in Bailey's cell, only they say Bailey swung a homemade knife at the officer.

The incident happened at the Jail Annex off Nehi Road, originally intended for women and non-hardened criminals. Hagen says Winslett and bailey were at the annex because it's more secure.

The judge ruled Winslett and Bailey be held without bond. The corrections officer involved in Tuesday’s incident received medical care for the wounds of his head.