Jackson County Schools Plan to Trade Notepads for iPads

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Marianna- Technology has long been the way of the future, and state and local officials we're well aware keeping up with the times would soon be a requirement.

Jackson County Deputy Superintendent, Cheryl McDaniel said proposed legislation, the Florida senate bill 790 would require all school districts to make a plan to transition students to a digital learning platform.

"We are already started on that plan. The media, entertainment is digital. The business world has moved into the digital age. What our students are going to have to do when they go into the work force is be able to bring those skills how to access knowledge, integrate knowledge, present knowledge- digitally. We've got to bring ourselves into that same age in order to give our students the opportunities they need."

The school board has been in the process of making every school in the district capable of wireless internet access.

The state, along with grant money will help fund some of the process, but overall cost was still an issue.

"It's a lot of money when you talk about devices," McDaniel said. "Software- still working with the publishers. [Publishers] are not going to give us free textbooks. We'll still purchase text books they'll just be in a different format."

But, McDaniel was quick to point out that she thought technological transition is a worthy investment.

"We paid a visit to Mooresville, North Carolina, that district, several years ago, made that switch to digital education/ personalized learning," she said. "They're test scores went through the roof. They're students with disabilities were scoring as well as their basic students. They attribute that to the personal education students were able to do through digital education."

Officials said the full transition would take at least five years to complete.