WCSO Know What Poisoned a Four Month Old Freeport Child

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Monday afternoon Walton County Sheriff's Investigators announced they've found acid in a bottle of nose drops, found in the Freeport home of a four month old boy, suffering from poisoning symptoms.

Paramedics airlifted the child to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola Friday morning.

He's currently in stable condition.

The Department of Child and Families is joining Walton County Sheriff's Deputies in the investigation.

"Like all cases, we are taking this one very seriously,” said Catherine Rodriguez, Public Information Officer for the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. “But this is definitely going to have extra care to it, because the baby is four months of age. This is not something a baby at this age can do on their own. We want to make sure that we are covering every single inch of this case."

"We try to make a determination if the child can return to the home safely,” said Teresa Gomez, of the Okaloosa-Walton Counties Family Safety Department.

Deputies spent most of Monday interviewing family, friends and neighbors.

"There are some extended family members that we know that have been in the care of the baby around this time when the situation happened,” said Rodriguez.

Investigators say an 8-year-old child, also lived in the home, has not been affected.

Five Walton County Sheriff's Investigators are working on the case.