Bay County and Panama City Work to Repair Potholes

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PANAMA CITY -- Motorists spend billions each year on car repairs due to potholes. This is the worst time of the year for the road hazards.

Local drivers say they want the local government to pay more attention to pothole repairs.

Pot holes and road depressions are most common in colder climates.

Engineering Division Manager George Walrond said, "When water freezes it expands and when it expands it will actually push against the pavement and cause it to break apart and then cars will go over it and break the little chunks. Knock the little chunks out and create a hole."

Running over one of these could cost you big bucks. Just ask Pierre Pressley. Pressley has an older car with new rims that he doesn't drive very often.

Resident Pierre Pressley said, "The thing about it is the potholes ruin the rims themselves and a lot of times people don't want to take responsibility for that."

Pressley feels that if the city's potholes damage his car, then the city should pay for the repairs.

Neil Fravel Public Works Director, "I wouldn't say that we have an increase in potholes, what we do have is an increase in utility cuts in our pavement that have to be patched back."

Panama City Public Works officials said they can only repair a nuisance pothole within the city limits. Residents like Pressley say they just wants the agency responsible, to be held accountable.

"Even if they had someone once a week maybe, just ride around the city check out the potholes you know what I mean because they are there,” Pressley said.

If you see a pothole call the Bay County Roads and Bridges department. If the pot hole is not in the not in the county's jurisdiction, workers can tell you who is responsible for it.

Bay County Roads and Bridges: