Major Renovations To Begin at Two Springfield Schools

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SPRINGFIELD - Bay District School officials are about to begin major face-lift projects on two local schools. The Springfield Elementary School and Rutherford High School's renovation projects are funded by the half cent sales tax.

Part of the $4 million allocated for Springfield Elementary School will go to remodel the cafeteria into ESE classrooms. The rest will go to build a new cafeteria in the back of the school that will double as a multipurpose room with a music suite.

"The existing cafeteria right now is the cafeteria I actually ate lunch in when I was in 3rd grade at Springfield. So I am so excited we're getting a new cafeteria," said Harriet Taylor, Principal of Springfield Elementary.

Rutherford High School is getting $10 million for a new central heating and cooling system and to remodel hallways.

Principal Coy Pilson says the school hasn't seen renovations in a while.

"The last major renovation was actually new construction and that was the construction of our gym, but it's been quite some time since our classrooms have seen a major overhaul," said Pilson.

District officials say they couldn't afford to do this work, without the half cent sales tax.

"I just came back from a conference where districts that don't have a half cent sales tax are struggling to keep the lights on. We are very fortunate in Bay County. It's a true blessing for our kids," said John Bozarth, Director of Facilities for Bay District Schools.

Construction is expected to take about 18 months for both schools.

School board members are expected to approve the renovations at Tuesday's board meeting.