Replica of Columbus Ship Nina on Display in Florida Panhandle

A replica of a Christopher Columbus ship is on display in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Captain Kyle Friauf and his five-man crew announced their arrival at Choctawhatchee Bay with a blast from a three-pound cannon.

The Nina is a replica of the Portuguese caravel that Columbus sailed to the Americas. It was even built using 15th century techniques.

For the next week, Friauf and his crew will be conducting tours. Highlights include the 14-foot tiller, a long pole used to move the rudder in a time before steering wheels, the intricately carved pulleys and hand-stitched sails.

The ship was commissioned by the Columbus Foundation in 1991 for the 500th anniversary of Columbus's voyage.

It was featured in the movie “1492” and has since traveled to more than 600 ports, including a stop at the Dog River Marina in Mobile last May.