Anderson Second Autopsy

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A day after participating in the second autopsy for Martin Lee Anderson, a former New York state chief medical examiner stood with the 14-year-old's parents Tuesday and said definitively that the boy did not die of natural causes.

"We all agree he did not die of sickle trait."

Gov. Jeb Bush appointed Hillsborough state attorney Mark Ober to investigate the case. Ober’s office confirms that preliminary findings indicate that Anderson did not die of sickle cell or natural causes.

During an exclusive interview Tuesday with The Today Show’s Matt Lower, Anderson's mother, Gina Jones, spoke out on her decision to exhume her son's body.

"You usually lay someone down to rest in peace. Here we is picking him up just to get the truth out and I'm relieved now, the truth is finally out, my baby was killed in the boot camp by the guards while the nurse stood by."

Jones also said she believes the guards went after her son because of his long hair.

"If you loose your life due to the length of your hair and what neighborhood you come from, that’s wrong the way they did my baby like that."

A medical examiner in Panama City said Anderson died of a blood disease common to African-Americans, but after the surveillance tape came to light the NAACP contacted renowned forensic expert Michael Baden who observed the second autopsy.

"My opinion is he died because of what you see in the video tape."

If this is true, how did Seibert get it so wrong?

"I think he made a mistake. I don't know what pressures were on him to make a mistake.”

Seibert was in Tampa for the autopsy and isn't talking until the final results are released. Was it a deliberate error or a simple mistake? That'll be up to State Attorney Mark Ober to decide.