Pastor Organizes Fasting and Prayer Period for Martin Anderson Cause

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B.J. Richardson, pastor of the Potter's House of Refuge, is asking all church organizations to participate in this program.

The fasting begins Wednesday and will go on for 40 days. After this period, a march is scheduled for May 13, starting from the Bay County Boot Camp, going downtown, and ending with a rally at McKenzie Park.

Richardson says fasting and prayer are weapons in the spiritual world that bring about change. She's hoping for better race relations and integration in Panama City.

It is up to each individual church to determine the exact times and amounts of food to be consumed during this period.

B.J. Richardson says, "But whatever time they're fasting and praying it will help all of us together be able to say the white community, the black community, the Hispanic and Asian community helped bring about a change together because we all fasted and prayed together for the same cause."

To register for this event, you can call B.J. Richardson at 769-3305.