Sarah Jo Izard Case Continues to Unfold

Investigators with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have confirmed that two fetuses found in a storage shed in Rome, Georgia are human fetuses.

The fetuses were apparently put there by a Walton County woman named Sarah Jo Izard.

Working on a tip from Bay County sheriff's officials, Rome police made the bizarre discovery last Thursday.

Apparently Izard confided to a friend she'd aborted two seperate pregnancies and stored the fetuses in the Rome storage unit, inside plastic containers.

GBI’s crime lab in Atlanta says one of the fetuses was definitely a male, but the other was too disintegrated to determine gender.

Izard is the widow of the former Indiana and Berry College women's basketball coach Jim Izard. He committed suicide two weeks ago in the couple's south Walton condo. So far they do not believe his suicide is linked to the strange case of these fetuses.

Sarah Jo Izard has not been charged, partly because investigators are still trying to determine if any laws were broken.