Growing Trend: Marijuana in Electronic Cigarettes?

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - With spring break here, locals are preparing for the possible arrival of a new drug trend. It involves the use of e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana, or the active chemical THC.

But so far no one locally knows much about spotting it or stopping it.

Lori Switala owns Smokin' Vapor in Panama City Beach. She says she's aware of people trying to use electronic cigarettes with marijuana.

"We've seen people want to have them here. There's very few that will come in asking, but what we carry here won't work," said Switala.

The trend is already plastered on the internet with people showing how to mix marijuana into an e-cig. They call it "e-hash."

Club La Vela owner Patrick Pfeffer has seen a lot of drug trends come and go with spring breakers. He and other popular spring break hot spot owners say they're just learning about "e-hash."

"It's the first time I've heard of this trend, but like any other contraband, it's illegal and we try to keep it out of the club and I do everything I can to not have it enter into the facility," said Pfeffer.

Switiala says she'll refuse to sell her electronic cigarettes if she knows the buyer will use it illegally. With spring break coming up, she plans to be extra cautious.

"I'm really interested to know what will happen. We will let them know what it is that we do not carry here and nothing in here will work for that," said Switala.

Panama City Beach police officials say they are aware of the growing trend, but haven't arrested anyone for the crime so far.