Medical Marijuana x 2

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Florida voters will decide if the state legalizes marijuana for medical purposes this coming November, but the political leadership at the State Capitol is embracing one form of marijuana, but not another.

Senate President Don Gaetz has admitted giving a business colleague marijuana to ease his pain. "Well it was 30 years ago..."

But the state's top leaders tried to block a vote on medical marijuana. "This court should remove this from the ballot."

At the same time, they have taken testimony from suffering families about another strain of marijuana.

Paige Figgy (Jan 9, 2014): "We are just asking for a leniency to treat these children."

The Senate President, who is second in power only to the Governor, supports the legalization of non-high-producing Charlotte's Web or CBD. "We need to look for how we can maybe get something good out of something we might be suspicious of."

Florida's political leadership continues to make it clear they oppose the ballot amendment. "Those proponents have used children with seizures and dying patients as bait to get folks to vote for far more permissive and I think ill-advised amendments", says Senate President Don Gaetz.

Supporters of the amendment to legalize the smoking kind of pot, worry that politicians might use the legalization of Charlotte's Web as a wedge against the ballot initiative.

Michael Krehl is a Marijuana Supporter. "Yea, just perhaps that we have medical marijuana in our state, so we need not vote in November. Which is really not the case."

One poll shows 80 percent of the state's voters in favor of medical marijuana. The initiative needs 60 percent to pass. So far, no organized opposition to the marijuana amendment has materialized. Many political experts say it is unlikely a negative ad campaign could shave enough support to prevent the amendments passage.

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