The Golden Knights

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They're one of the greatest recruiting tools for the U.S. Army. The Golden Knights are 75 of the best trained men and women parachutists in the country.

Sgt. Paul McAlpin says, "It's an honor, it's a privilege and one of the highest points in my military career."

The black and gold teams travel across the country, recruiting high school and college graduates. The black team is in Panama City Beach this week, landing on different hot spots in the area.

As they gear up, they triple check every detail from the smoke brackets on their feet to the direction of the wind.

Nervous or not, these men and women step up to the plate and take the plunge! This team joins hands and creates sky formations for spectators below, all in effort to inspire the next generations of army recruits.

The Golden Knights will jump behind La Vela Friday, Saturday at the Holiday Inn Sunspree, and Sunday back at La Vela, all starting at 1:00.