$6.3 Million to Oyster Problems: Locals React.

EASTPOINT-- David Barber owns Barber Seafood. 80% of his business is catching, and shipping oysters across Florida. On a good day, his boats will bring-in 3-bags apiece, far way less than just 5 years ago.

"This time of year, they would be bringing in 10-15 bags," says Barber.

In August, the federal government declared Apalachicola Bay a fisheries disaster area due to the lack of oysters.

Last week locals received word the US Department of Commerce has allocated $6.3 million in disaster assistance for job training for displaced fisherman and restaurant workers and to rebuild the oyster beds.

The good news is the Atlanta area has had record rainfall and should be taking less water out of Lake Lanier.

Experts say that lack of fresh water flowing downstream from Atlanta is responsible for the oyster kill.

What Mother Nature and a wet winter can't fix, barber is hoping rebuilt oyster beds will.

"I think it's helped a lot, and will continue to help. They just didn’t do enough to make a big difference. But as long as they do some more and I understand that they are, so anything is better than nothing," said Barber.