Major Bust Of Drugs Intended for Spring Break

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Panama City Beach, Fla. Bay County sheriff's investigators say they've wrapped-up a 2-month drug operation with a major bust. They arrested 4-people over the last 24-hours, charging them in-connection with an I-C-E Methamphetamine operation.

They picked-up 37-year old Richard Brigham and 27-year old Antonio Bagley, both from Albany, Georgia, as well as 34-year old Kenny Thornton of Bay County.
Deputies say they saw the 3-men exchange a package between Brigham and Bagley allegedly told authorities they were in-town to help open a night-club for spring break at the Thomas Drive location.

Major Tommy Ford at the Bay County Sheriff's Office told NewsChannel 7, "We believe that these drugs were destined for 2-vehicles on Thomas Drive Thursday night, then leave the area.

Deputies pulled-over the vehicles on Highway 231, and say they found 2-pounds of I-C-E, and 7-handguns.

Panama City and Panama City Beach in time for Spring Break. We expect the height of Spring Break to really kick off next weekend and due to the good work of the Special Investigations Division they were able to take these drugs off the street before Spring Break starts."

Today investigators also arrested 26-year old Elizabeth Fulton of Panama City on 2-weapons charges. They say she was a passenger in Thornton's car. All 4-were booked into the Bay County Jail.

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