Vernon Teen Speaks Out After Hunting Accident

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GREENHEAD - A Vernon teen is adjusting to life at home after spending weeks in the hospital. 16 year old Andrea Wright accidentally shot herself in the leg during a hunting trip more than a month ago.

Andrea wright is getting used to her new normal.

"Like getting out of the car is different. I have to wait on momma to get the wheelchair and crutches," said Wright.

Washington County authorities say wright was hunting with her uncle when her 12-gauge shotgun unloaded on her.

She spent weeks recovering at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola where doctors had to amputate part of her leg. Since then, the Washington County community has put together several fundraisers to help out with Andrea's medical bills.

On Saturday, Greenhead Turkey Shoot owners invited friends, family, and complete strangers to donate money in exchange for food, auction items, and target practice.

"You know it's a tragic what happened to her, but everybody here is friends with her. She comes up here a lot. We all know her. So it's just we all enjoy doing this for her," said Bonnie Vatter, owner of Greenhead Turkey Shoot.

Family members of Andrea say they're thankful for the community's support in this tough time.

"It's just amazing that such a small county has pulled together like this and done so many things to help out a child that some of them may not even know," said Christie Shipes, Andrea's grandmother.

As Andrea sees the guns and turkey shoot targets around her, she's determined to go hunting again.

"I just don't want to do it the first time when a lot of people are around. I want to do it in the house like with my family or with the person i was with when it happened," said Wright.

Andrea is going to school part time at this point. She will continue to go through physical therapy sessions twice a week until she is fully recovered.