Apalachicola's Vietnam Memorial

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It's a project that’s been seven years in the making, and with help from private donors, the three soldiers bronze statue, made from the original molds, was unveiled in Veterans Memorial Plaza in Apalachicola.

"I think it's a real amazing American story," said Jimmy Mosconis, Founder and President of Three Serviceman South.

Mosconis was an Army staff sergeant, who served in Vietnam. He's played a major role in bringing the statue to Florida.

"The fact that we've got in our small town something of that stature is in our nation’s capital, it's really amazing," Mosconis said.

Helping to unveil the statue was Lindy Lain Hart, widow of the original sculptor, Frederick Hart.

"The dog tags laced in the boots, the bug spray and the boonie hat. He wanted every fold of the fatigue uniform to be a tribute," Hart said.

In an emotional ceremony, Vietnam veterans say this day is one they've been waiting on for a very long time.

"Very emotional, hand to stand back, but it's a good day for healing," Kenneth Crosson, a Vietnam veteran, said.

"It looks like the statue behind me is just rising up out of the ground. It's just something that you can't even comprehend," Arnold Tolliver, a Vietnam veteran, said.

Decorated Army Colonel Harry Buzzet shared stories of why Americans shouldn't forget those who served during this treacherous time in our nation's history.

"I'll be remembering the fallen; our fallen comrades of Vietnam, our fallen comrades from all of the wars who let us live freely in this land of the free and home of the brave. May God bless their souls,” Col. Buzzett said.

If you would like to buy a brick in honor of a veteran, you can contact Three Servicemen Statue South at 850-653-1318. The bricks are for the Circle of Freedom to surround the American flag in the Veterans Memorial Plaza.

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