Pathologist: Boy Likely Died Because He Couldn't Breathe

The chairman of a legislative committee buried his face in his hands Friday as he heard a pathologist describe how he though a 14-year-old boy boot camp recruit died.

Dr. Michael Baden said Martin Lee Anderson likely died of asphyxiation as a result of guards restricting his breathing.

Baden assisted in a second autopsy on the boy's body earlier this week.

Baden's account via speakerphone to the criminal justice committee left the committee's chairman with his face buried in his hands.

Baden says the second autopsy shows Anderson did not die from sickle cell trait as a medical examiner ruled in the first autopsy. Baden says the autopsy revealed bruises all over Anderson's arms, legs and back, but those injuries did not cause his death.

Baden concludes Anderson died because his breathing was impaired and that caused the boy to suffer severe, irreversible brain damage.