Local Missionary Receives Ford Truck From Donations

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Albert Stewart was born and raised in Panama City. He's been part of the missionary for 29 years working in Liberia for 24 years, but when he goes back to Liberia he'll be taking his brand new ford truck.

Albert Stewart, a local missionary, "We'll be able to do more with a truck like this, we'll be able to go more places than we could normally go with a small truck, and we'll be able to haul more material. It's just great."

Thanks to dozens of local volunteers, the youth ministry for the First Pentecostal Church raised about $40,000 for the truck.

Lee Hathaway says, "Thankfully this one, it's local, it's home, so we raised the money, we've given it, now we're gonna give it back to somebody from our community."

Vehicles like this go around the world to missionaries to help bring aid to different parts of the country. Volunteers say raising the money was worth all the effort.

Allison Hathaway, a volunteer, “It's always great to see your work be shown off in this truck, so it's really a wonderful thing to see."

Angela Brannon, a volunteer, says, "It's good to know that all our hard work has paid off. Normally we don't get to see what our money goes to, but it's nice to have a home missionary get it."

Stewart will continue on his mission in Liberia at the end of the month. Volunteers raised money through bake sales, dinner donations, and golf tournaments.