UPDATE: Two Callaway Residents Jailed in Connection with Afternoon Shooting

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PANAMA CITY -- Two Callaway residents are behind bars in connection with a Panama City shooting incident Saturday afternoon.

Panama City police have arrested 17-year-old Hassaan Hooks and 24-year-old Frank Brinkley after gunshots were heard in the 1000th block of Center Avenue. The shooting happened at approximately 3:15 pm.

Police say hooks fired a hand gun several times at residents on Center Avenue. Neighbors say they were inside their homes during the shooting.

Neighbor Carl Butler said, "Well I was in my living room and I just heard some shooting, and when I came out I seen people just scattering out. And I guess they was just running. So I...I went on back in my house because I didn't want to get shot. It's a lot of shooting going on around here. And I just don’t want to be in no accident."

Hooks is charged with aggravated assault and Brinkley is charged with principle to aggravated assault.

Panama City police say no one has been killed. In the meantime the department asks that you contact them at 872-3100 if you have more information.