Walton High School comes together to Support Classmate

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It is still a shock to many students and teachers at Walton High School, after 14-year-old JV baseball player Kole Bengston, collapsed and stopped breathing at practice Monday afternoon.

Teammate and friend Wyatt Chapman witnessed what happened.

"I automatically ran over to him, and like I said I never experienced anything like this before,” said Chapman. “But what scared me the most is when I saw blood come out of his mouth and nose and that's when it hit me the hardest."

Principal Russell Hughes says doctors found a "spot" on Kole's heart.

He's been transferred to a Jacksonville hospital, where doctors are running more tests.

His classmates, teachers and community members are coming together to show their support for the popular teen.

"All of us were impacted at that point, and we went into what are we going to do for one of our fallen braves at this time,” said Principal Russell Hughes.

Students are also wearing ribbons to support Kole.

And the Key Club is selling Camouflage wristbands; which is said to be Kole’s favorite color.

"These kids are just so resilient,” said Baseball Coach Shane Carnley. “It is amazing what they have been able to go through and keep their heads up."

Other Walton County schools and businesses are donating as well, hoping Kole will be back soon.

A fundraiser will be held Friday at the Thriftway Supermarket, with all proceeds will go to Kole and his family.

For more information contact Walton High School.