Erik Estrada Visits Panama City, Public is Educated on Human Trafficking

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PANAMA CITY -- The Northwest Florida Human Trafficking Coalition is partnering with the Harley Davidson to raise awareness on a very important issue. Bikers were invited to ride from the Harley lot on the beach to the First Baptist church for $10.

Money from today's awareness ride will benefit human trafficking victims.

Leigh Hinkle is part of the Harley's Owners Group in Panama City beach. He says this is not his first ride along.

"I hope it raises awareness which is what it supposed to do to make people aware of what's going on around them that's not very wholesome," Hinkle said.

Representatives say they want to educate the public about human trafficking in our area.

Northwest Florida Human Trafficking Coalition Chairman Glenn

Eckhardt said, "What we're trying to do is let people realize that the problem is here and now, to get people learn what you can do because when you get to the other end of the ride along you've got the other Finding Faith event going on."

Finding Faith is an internet based movie. It’s based on a true story about a human trafficking victim.

And the treat for the audience: Erik Estrada signing autographs and speaking to fans. Estrada is featured in the film.

But for bikers like Leigh, Estrada is not the main focus.

"It's not about meeting him it's really about awareness for the community to rally behind a good cause," Leigh said.

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