Rape Prevention and Counseling in Panama City Beach

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Spring break is a time for college students to cut loose, but it's a crucial time to keep safety precautions in mind, especially when it comes to sexual battery.

That's why sexual assault nurses, victim advocacy, law enforcement, the Salvation Army, and others have come together to provide essential information to college students.

That's where the SART program, "Sexual Assault Response Team," comes into play.

Carol Taipalus, sexual assault nurse examiner, says, "The better care of the victim, if it does happen, that they report, get treated, follow up, and that us as a community are able to nurture that person and do the best we can for them."

Males at the beach say there's an obvious line between consensual relations and sexual battery.

John Fry, a spring breaker from Ohio University, says, "Yeah, you can definitely tell when the girl’s falling over everywhere and spillin’ drinks everywhere, it's easy to tell."

And one of the most under-reported crimes, male rape, contributes to the Bay County statistics as well. To learn more about the SART program, you can log onto www.sane-sart.com.