Skinner Announces

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Skinner officially announced his candidacy for the District 6 House seat on Sunday. He describes himself as a conservative Republican who believes in lower taxes, less government and more personal accountability.

Skinner also has strong convictions about improving educational opportunities throughout the state and protecting Florida's families. He has a wife and two children and served 12 years in the Army Reserve.

One of the hot button issues Skinner is focusing on is maintaining traditional family values. He believes in protecting the sanctity of marriage and defining it as marriage between a man and a woman.

Another key issue is affordable housing.

"Affordable housing is a big issue here in the state of Florida and I think the best way to increase work force type housing, affordable housing, is to lower our property taxes and get a handle on our high insurance."

Skinner says his grassroots campaign will be won or lost on the ground, so they're going out and knocking on doors just about everyday.