PCB Council Proposes Ordinances To Keep Certain Areas Clean

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Panama City Beach City Council members want to clean up areas around the city. They're proposing ordinances that would punish residents who trash beach accesses and the areas around city ponds.

Panama City Beach City Council members point to empty beer cans lying around ponds as reasons to put an ordinance on the books.

"People who have been out partying or people who have nowhere to sleep are finding it a nice way to go and sit and drink and spend the night. So this is to put some teeth into an ordinance to give to police," said Gayle Oberst, Panama City Beach Mayor.

The city's ponds aren't the only areas posing issues. Council members they're having trouble with the dozens of public beach accesses within the city limits.

Apparently residents are putting up their own signs, partially blocking beach entrances. Some council members believe the city is also at fault with its own signs.

"How big do they have to be because that's the biggest block. There are places that you could walk by there and the sign will scrape your bathing suit and person as you go by," said John Reichard, Panama City Beach Vice Mayor.

Other board members believe the signs could be consolidated.

"I agree that I think we could take and make an effort to stream line those signs and make it more visually appealing," said Mario Gisbert, Panama City Beach Manager.

Council members had the first reading of the new ordinances Thursday night. Currently violators would face 60 days in jail or a $500 fine.

The council will have the second reading of the ordinances and hear public comment in two weeks.