Possible Twister Strikes Near Westville

A severe thunderstorm, possibly accompanied by a tornado, is responsible for some overnight damages in Holmes County. The storm left a trail of damage near the Westville community.

Hal Kirk and his wife awoke around 5:00 Tuesday morning to a sound they'd never heard before. Hal Kirk says a storm was ripping apart the barn right next to the bedroom where they were sleeping.

"This thing was a lot louder than a train, and as you can see it only 100 yards from where we were sleeping in the trailer."

The storm took the barn's tin roof off. They found pieces of the roof and other debris scattered in the trees and the rest of their property. Some landed as far away as the other side of the road.

The Kirk family has picked up most of the damage from Wednesday morning's storm, but pieces of the roof that ripped off flew almost 200 yards away, as well as a chicken coop they have recovered.

Amazingly the storm bypassed their mobile home. Somehow Kirk has managed to smile through all of this, thankful that he and his wife were unharmed.

"But we're in good shape, we lost some fence and the barn is gone and other than that its just trash."

The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning about 5:00 a.m., as the lone cell moved across Holmes County, but the Kirks were sleeping and had no way of knowing what was happening.

Kirk says it's a feeling of helplessness just hearing the storm outside.

"You wake up in the middle of the night and you're helpless, there is nothing you can do, there's nowhere to run."