Panama City Police and Code Enforcement Officers Are Looking Into a Local Business

They're investigating claims that Motor City Detailing is defrauding its customers out of thousands of dollars by allegedly selling them car parts, taking their money, but never giving them the parts.

The police department says it’s received eight complaints from customers of Motor City Detailing. Those customers say they've spent thousands of dollars on customizable car parts and never received their order.

Police say they first got complaints about the business back in December but told the complainants it was a civil matter, but they say after receiving seven more complaints in the last four months they are now investigating to see if criminal charges should be filed.

News Channel 7 talked with the store's owner, Frank Gardner, and he says he hasn't done anything wrong. Gardner says the customers are coming to him to order expensive, difficult-to-find, customizable parts. They pay him in cash up front and he finds the part and gets it shipped.

But because the parts are rare and customizable, the orders sometimes take a while. That's when he says the customers complain and request their money back.

But Gardner says he doesn't do refunds on customizable parts and he has signs posted in his store saying just that.

Now Gardner says he will do everything he can to comply with the ongoing investigation and he will make sure he he’s fully up to code.

Motor City Detailing is on East 15th Street near Martin Luther King Junior Blvd.