Trams on Track for Panama City Beach

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It may not be south Florida's A1A, but ask anyone trying to get to a motel, restaurant or nightclub, and they'll tell you traffic is bad. To some that may actually seem like fun, but to most it's a nuisance.

"Sometimes I'm late for work due to traffic, due to spring breakers."

So beach officials are considering a new mass transit line. Trams or trolleys will carry passengers along Front Beach Road.

There will be designated pick-up and drop-off spots as well as land to build multi-level parking garages. The money for the system is coming from the beach's Community Redevelopment Agency.

The CRA money will go to create two lanes for drivers and two lanes for public transportation.

Lee Sullivan, Panama City Beach Mayor, says, "The great thing about it is it has the opportunity to interface with the trolley system that already exists. When one comes to completion it can partner with the other, we don't duplicate, we compliment."

The idea seems to be popular with some visitors.

Andrew Bazemore, a spring breaker, says, "I definitely would because there'd be less drunk driving and there'd be less traffic, which would be clutch for us."

Don't look for the trolley systems anytime soon. Sullivan says it will take several years to secure the money, the land and make the road improvements.

Sullivan envisions people paying to use the parking garages and riding the trolley for free.