Children's Rally

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This is the first year voluntary pre-kindergarten classes are free for every child. Now, lobbyists are traveling to Tallahassee to make another request.

Instead of three-hour-a-day classes, officials are asking lawmakers to fund six-hour-a-day classes. They may not look like it, but these children are lobbyists. They're helping jumpstart campaigns for children's issues across the state.

Members of the Early Learning Coalition are taking off for Tallahassee today. They're taking the posters these children made, embracing the slogan "Hands Across Florida," hoping this will send a strong message to lawmakers.

Steve Southerland, Early Learning Coalition Chairman, says, "We want these little hands to speak loud to all the legislatures about the importance of these children's issues."

This rally also kicked off the "Children's Week 2006" beginning April 2. This is the 10th year Early Education and Care partnered with the Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida to kick off this event.