Beach Condo Renting Scam

A scam on Panama City Beach is leaving five condo renters without a home and the owner of the property without his money.

It started back in January when Ben Quattrocchi rented out all five units on the 17,600 block of Front Beach Road. Now he's nowhere to be found, leaving the renters with a condo that's being demolished in a week and the owner without his money.

According to the families, they signed one year leases for this property. The only problem is Quattrocchi didn't own the property; he signed a month to month lease from William Grimsley.

The property is supposed to be demolished starting April 1, but Quattrocchi took the tenants’ money, told them they could stay for the year, then left town. Now these families are frantically trying to find new homes or an attorney to represent them.

Rhonda Hale says she’s the victim of a big scam.

“We haven't been able to find anything that we can afford to get into on such short notice, considering we've poured all our money into these places, and it's just a difficult situation. We're afraid to leave our houses now, afraid they're gonna come change the locks and we're not going to be able to get in because according to them we don't have any rights to be here."

The owner offered to give these families back their security deposits, but they still must find somewhere else to live by next Saturday.