Condo Scam

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In January Ben Quattrocchi rented out all five of the condo units in the 17,000 block of Front Beach Road. According to the families, they each signed a one year lease for the property.

The only problem is Quattrocchi isn't the owner. Now Quattrocchi has apparently left town.

"I feel we have been violated, and being renters we should have some sort of rights. I'm not asking for all my money back because I know that's probably not going to happen, but I do want some type of justice out of it."

While these families would like to solve this problem legally, the fact is they're going to be out of these condos in less than a week, so they need to find some place to stay so they can take care of their families."

The owner, William Grimsley, says he'd be happy to let the families stay in the condos, except for one problem, they're scheduled to be demolished this week.

"Now we're just kind of stuck with no place to go, there's five units here and each of us have different situations, there's three sets of families and the rest are professionals and single. We just don't have any place to go and we don't know where to turn now."

Neither does William Grimsley. He says Quattrocchi sub-leased the condos to these five families without his permission and he never paid him a dime for their rental agreements.

Grimsley's attorney is trying to find Quattrocchi to collect $25,000, but they don't have much hope of finding him. Meanwhile, these families are trying to find someone to represent them legally.

"We have not been given any legal notice whatsoever. We have not seen any 30 day notice, so I don't understand that, for one, and even if he does go through those steps, what are the terms? What have we done wrong? Everybody here has paid rent on time, everybody here has abided by their lease."

Grimsley is allowing the families to stay in the condos until the end of the month, but demolition is set for April 1, so the families are looking for new homes or legal representation.